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Lisa Jaimes-Toon

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No menu menu.That's my attitude. I want to bring to your table  fresh, colorful, savory, fun and memorable flavors. Everything is made with fresh seasonal ingredients. My cakes are made with ripe berries, premium liqueurs, grade A eggs, sweet butter, cream and high quality chocolate. I love the opportunity to create and provide you with a wonderful selection of dishes that will enhance your celebration. Let's put our minds together and create the perfect menu for you and your guests.          

Carolina's Chocolate is from my grandmother. The deep flavor of her hot chocolate enhanced with cinnamon and a pinch of chili. Creamy soft sweet rolls with Anise and her dark coffee and cream that she served me in my youth, these memories I capture in the rich quality chocolates that I blend myself to share with you. Order your new memories today.        

Prepared Frozen Dinners Elderly family members, busy family lifestyle, illness, to tired to cook, better nutrition these are all reasons to consider ordering prepared frozen dinners to have handy for when you find no time, energy, or ability to cook. Call to discuss your dietary needs.          

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Frozen Dinners

Each individual dinner is balanced with 4oz of lean protein such has chicken, beef, pork, salmon...


Welcome  Lisa's Catering and Cakes

Full catering service for private home parties, weddings, corporate functions, wedding and specialty cakes, home cooking classes, personal chef and more for your entertaining needs.

Lisa's Catering and Cakes


Carolina's Chocolate

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A smooth rich chocolate combined with fresh and intoxicating flavors reminiscent of my heritage. Warm flavors of cinnamon, chili, and cream melt with a silkiness and surprising heat.
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Together we can create an exciting and memorable event for you and your guests. 

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The desert, park, lake or family home can all be settings for fun and good food.
Minimum orders begin at $500.00

Prepared Frozen Dinners


Quality Dinners for your busy life. Freshly made to your dietary needs. Healthy, seasonal and flavorful.Call to discuss your next order (480) 890-8788

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" Taste the difference, experience the personal service..."

Cocktails for 150, 30 ladies for lunch, an Intimate dinner for a dozen of your closest friends, allow me to cook while you enjoy your company.

What is your favorite flavor? I can create it!

Lisa's Catering and Cakes

Carolina's Chocolate

Try Carolina's Chocolate, high quality chocolate all lovingly blended with flavors from my heritage.